President Mike Meekins
Vice President Kevin Damian
Secretary Danielle Owen
Treasurer Scott Berg
At Large Amanda Black

To contact all board members with a single email, please send to


Street Directors:

Kevin Damian Countryside Lane, Fetlock Drive, Trumpet Court, Camptown Court
Danielle Owen Fox Hill Race Court, Hoof Circle, Polo Pony Court, Breeders Cup Place
Mike Meekins Great Meadows Court, Fox Hound Court, Harpe Court, Bugle Lane, Lesfield Court
Scott Berg Countryside Court, Fair Hill Place, Fair Hill Court, Great Meadows Drive, Hunters Club Court
Amanda Black Tally Ho Drive, Green Lake Circle, Jump Circle, Hunters Chase Drive, Hunters Chase Court


Contact information for Community Group (Associa):

Community Group
3901 Westerre Parkway, Suite 100
Richmond, Virginia 23233